PolicyMaker 4 Software

PolicyMaker: Applications and Adoptions

  • The International Development Research Centre, of Canada, used PolicyMaker to assess the feasibility of a multi-million dollar project in Tanzania to set health priorities at the district level.

  • Based on this successful application, the International Development Research Centre provided a grant for the enhancement and improvement of the PolicyMaker software and method.

  • Many countries around the world have used PolicyMaker to assess the political feasibility of major reforms in their health systems.

  • Non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups have used PolicyMaker to analyze the stakeholders involved in a policy debate and design political strategies to support their position.

  • A major multinational company has purchased a site licence for PolicyMaker to use in strategic planning, especially interactions between business and government.

  • PolicyMaker has been used in many courses around the world, including universities, international agencies, private foundations, and governments, to train leaders and professionals in applied political analysis.

See Michael R. Reich's web site at Harvard School of Public Health for additional information on recent uses of PolicyMaker.