PolicyMaker 4 Software

Download PolicyMaker 4

Polimap is offering you the opportunity to download a copy of PolicyMaker 4.

This version of PolicyMaker 4 is the full version of PolicyMaker.

Instructions on downloading:

  • Your browser may ask you whether you want to "Save the File" or "Run" it. Choose "Save".

  • Unzip PolicyMaker4_331_4.zip, placing the files in an empty directory (copy the folder structure and files to an empty directory, or extract the files). Do NOT execute the setup.exe while it is still compressed.

  • Then, execute setup.exe.

  • If you do not have the .NET package installed on your machine, you will be prompted to download and install it (from Microsoft's site).

Click here to download PolicyMaker 4.

SHA1 Checksum: 98e24a7448dcbda5a82a108e85906efd352dd408

MD5 Checksum: beb99b302d88f655f737b7855a7b731c